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Meet Nicole Van Nes,
Nurse Practitioner


Nicole Van Nes,

Nurse Practitioner

Meet Our Board Certified Nurse Practitioner, Nicole Van Nes!

Meet Our Board Certified

Nurse Practitioner,

Nicole Van Nes!

Nicole grew up in Pearl River, NY and began her academic career at Southern Connecticut State where she received her Bachelors of Science in Nursing while playing Division II collegiate basketball for four years. After graduation, Nicole accepted a position as an RN at Maria Fareri Children’s Hospital, where she practiced as a Neonatal Intensive Care Unit nurse for over five years. She then completed her Family Nurse Practitioner degree at Pace University with honors and became board certified by the ANCC. Nicole realized her love of specialty practice and began her career in aesthetic medicine.

Because of her extensive neonatal and family medicine training, Nicole is extremely precise and attentive to detail. Outside the office, Nicole enjoys spending time with her husband and their rescue pup, Peep!

Nicole works right alongside Dr. Landmann everyday, and you will see her throughout your experience at Bergen Eyelids. She assists with the initial consultation, helping to evaluate and formulate personalized treatment plans. She expertly assists during surgery, and she will be there to help during your post op appointments.

Nicole offers a variety of non-surgical options! What sets Nicole apart from other injectors is her expert knowledge of facial anatomy and she also shares in Dr Landmann’s conservative approach to cosmetic procedures. Her goal is to make your entire experience at Bergen Eyelids as enjoyable and fulfilling as possible and to help you achieve your individual goals! Safety, subtlety and a gentle touch are how patients think of Nicole. Check out some non-surgical options Nicole has to offer! 


Expert Botox in Bergen County:

Botox works by relaxing the muscles that cause permanent wrinkles.

Botox works on our dynamic lines! Dynamic lines or “expression lines” are the extra wrinkles and lines you see when you smile, raise or furrow your brows. Botox softens these dynamic lines. Because the muscles are not able to squeeze so hard, those static lines are not able to form, leading you to less wrinkles over time. If you’ve never had Botox before, you’ll love Nicole’s subtle approach, gentle touch, and thorough explanations. But if you’ve had Botox in the past, and are looking for an Expert Injector, Nicole’s surgical anatomy experience sets her apart from other injectors.

Nichole injecting Botox to a female patient.
A photo of Nicole Van Nes injecting Botox to Dr. Dan Landmann.

Baby Botox for 20-40 Year Olds:

Ready for a refresh? Baby Botox is ideal for patients aged 20’s-30’s that are beginning to notice signs of facial aging. This is done by using microdoses of Botox to relax the muscles in your forehead and smile lines while maintaining natural movement. It takes less than 5 minutes!

A photo of Nichole and Dr. Dan Landmann doing a Baby Botox on a female patient.

Fillers in Northern New Jersey:

Fillers are patient specific and one size does not fit all! We use a variety of different fillers to address your specific needs. Fillers should be used to restore volume loss, smooth unwanted facial lines, and enhance your natural contour. Our approach is always conservative, less is more! Nicole is our expert injector who takes time to fully assess and create a treatment plan that will use the least amount of fillers to help you achieve your goals with a safe and subtle touch.

Nicole Van Nes doing filler on a female patient.
Nichole doing a filler to a woman patient.

Dissolving Fillers with Ultrasound:

Well, we also see patients who have had problems with fillers from other injectors. In fact, even if you’ve had fillers 25-30 years ago, you can still have unwanted effects from fillers. The two most common problems are swelling and inflammation, most commonly around the eyes. Nicole has had special training to dissolve unwanted fillers under ultrasound guidance. She is able to visualize the exact spot that is causing your problem and inject Hylenex (filler dissolving enzyme).

A scanned image showing the needle dissolving filler.

Coolsculpting Elite:

Coolsculpting works by freezing away fat cells. Each area treated will see a 25% reduction in fat each cycle. Because we have the newest technology, Coolsculpting Elite, you are able to dual sculpt which cuts treatment times in half! The best part is, you watch a movie and eat some lunch while you cool! The most commonly sculpted areas are abdomen, flank and inner arms! Check out some of our amazing results, including Dr. Landmann!

A photo of Dr. Dan Landmann undergoing coolsculpting treatment on his belly area.
A photo of the CoolSculpt Room showing the Coolsculpting device.

IPL- Intense Pulse Light:

Also-know-as a “photo facial,” this laser uses non-ablative high intensity pulses of light to even out your skin tone. This works amazingly for unwanted sun spots, brown spots, red- tones, rosacea and acne. This is a great way to even out skin tone with no downtime.

Nichole doing an IPL-Intense Pulse Light treatment on the neck of Dr. Dan Landmann.

RF Microneedling:

We have the latest technology! RF Microneedling creates tiny micro channels which allows radio frequency to stimulate your body to naturally produce collagen and elastin from underneath the skin. While RF Microneedling does tighten the skin, it is a great preventative treatment. As we age our collagen and elastin decreases, so we are slowing down the aging process by doing this! Most patients require three rounds of treatment, once a month. The downtime is just one day.

A photo of Nichole Van Nes doing RF Microneedling on a patient.

Microneedling with Plasma:

Platelet-Rich Plasma is the perfect add-on to your RF service! Plasma expedites the healing process. Nicole will quickly draw your blood and spin it down to collect the good stuff! During your RF Microneedling session, Nicole will massage your own plasma into those channels. Your plasma is full of growth factors that promote healing and more collagen stimulation leaving you with an amazing glow!

Nichole doing a Microneedling with Plasma treatment on a female patient.
A photo showing a test tube of plasma for the Microneedling treatment.

Plasma for Hair Restoration:

Similar to how Plasma stimulates collagen and elastin in our faces, it is able to stimulate hair growth in our scalp. It is ideal for patients with female and male pattern baldness. Instead of being massaged into the skin, your own Plasma is injected into the scalp to prevent hair loss and stimulate hair growth.

A photo of a male patient who had a hair restored through Plasma for Hair Restoration treatment.

Long Pulse YAG:

This is Nicole’s favorite laser! It treats “Spider-veins” around the nose and mouth. These are the little twisted looking blood vessels that are hard to hide with makeup. This laser has zero downtime, is inexpensive, doesn’t need numbing medication and the spider veins are gone in seconds!

Before and after photos of a woman's face eliminating “Spider-veins” around the nose and mouth through Long Pulse treatment done by Nichole Van Nes.

Laser Hair Removal

It’s simple! Reduce unwanted hair! The most common areas treated are armpits, legs, arms, bikini, and backs!

Nichole doing a Laser Hair Removal on a patient's leg.
Before and After Photo of Lower Back Laser Hair Removal at Cosmetic & Reconstructive Eyelid Surgery in River Edge, New Jersey.

Anti-aging Hands:

We mostly stick to eyelids, but couldn’t help ourselves. Filler and C02 laser are amazing treatments to revitalize your hands. Filler will add volume, giving your hands a more youthful appearance (especially for patients with thin hands and large blood vessels) while C02 laser will soften the unwanted brown sun spots.

A photo showing an Anti-Aging Hands treatment.
A photo of Nichole and Dr. Landmann looking at the Anti-aging Hands Treatment device.

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